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Water Stories 2015 - Present

My artwork involves the Potomac River and its tributaries in all ways. I live within a mile of the Monocacy River, and it is a quick drive down county to the Potomac. I was born, and grew up along the Potomac in Cumberland, Maryland. I consider the Potomac a family member that is close to my heart.

The “Water Stories Series” came out of a solstice ceremony I attended years ago at the Capitol building. A Native American speaker asked us to pray for the Potomac River and its tributaries. This simple request had a profound impact on me, opening my mind to the fact that all of the elements are as important as we are. Ever since my awakening, I have been obsessively photographing the Potomac River and its tributaries. The Water Stories series explores the energies of water in all its forms. The play of sun on the water is nature’s pixelation of the scene. This series is my prayer for the health of water everywhere.

Lilipons, a later iteration of Water Stories was created from photos of this aquatic center in southern Frederick County. The winter images of the dried up lilies and the lines they make were the most provoking for me. Some of the lily lines reference ancient letters & texts.

Process - the images of these bodies of water are vectorized allowing for the edges of  contrasting shapes to become lines, these lines and shapes can be assigned different colors and thicknesses.


Water Stories, Chapter 10

Artist Print, Unframed


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