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Microglia Series — 2023

A brand new series that is inspired by the study of science and microscopic imagery at a cellular level. Microglia cells were introduced to me by Dr. Elliot Glotfelty (my nephew) - who has been researching microglia cells in relation to traumatic brain injury. Microglia cells are located in our brains and are responsible for catching and neutralizing bad cells that are responsible for inflammation. 

These paintings are representations of the microglia cells in action in the brain.

In 2022, I began to take science classes at the college level to better understand the scientific study of trees, plants, insects and also human physiology. The information I have learned has been a great influence on my current work.

Glotfelty Art for Cover Layers Final copy.jpg

Microglia Series #1
40" x 36" Triptych

Ink on Yupo, with gold powder

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