Flora & Fauna Visitation Series 2021

A series inspired by the poem "Wales Visitation," by Alan Ginsberg.

An excerpt from the poem:

"Groan thru breast and neck, a great Oh! to earth heart
Calling our Presence together
The great secret is no secret
Senses fit the winds,
Visible is visible,
rain-mist curtains wave through the bearded vale,
gray atoms wet the wind’s kabbala"

In 2021, an artist residency was granted to me. My new studio is located in downtown Frederick in the Y Arts Center. The studio has residences on 2 sides and the Catholic Church looms behind it, I can see its spire outside my back studio window. The former Visitation Academy borders the studio on the right. I feel that the presence of these structures has had an impact on my imagination and has led me into painting mindscapes.

Of course, the Catoctin Mountains remain the primary inspiration for my work. Hiking, meditating, and observing the beauty of decay, ferment, and rebirth are the main ingredients in my work. I've also been reading about the Ghost Dance - more on this as I get to it.

Ghost Deer.jpg
Flora & Fauna Visitation Series - Ghost Buck


India Ink on Yupo

Dimensions: 42” x 30"

Unframed print